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Oct 26 2016 · How to Determine Ball Caliber Patch Size and Cap Type For a Caplock Musket An 010 pillow ticking patch and a 490 diameter round ball should work with your 50 cal Since it is a smooth bore you could even use loads of shot how to find ball size for black powder fireaems how to measure ball for blackpowder measuring a musket ball

Hornady took their popular Round Balls and made them tougher by using a lead alloy hardened with antimony to give the extra hardness and penetrating power needed for thick skinned or large game Hard Balls are created with the same exacting precision as Hornady cold swaged round balls Black Powder Supplies Books Videos Software Camping

I was actually impressed by the uniformity of the shot which is produced by basically the same swaging and rolling process used by Hornady and Speer to turn out the swaged muzzleloading round balls for traditional black powder shooters Back when I did a great deal of my shooting and hunting with round ball rifles I had come to favor

This ballistics calculator is a computer simulation which analyzes the behavior of a round ball in its flight from the muzzle to the target A round ball is unique among projectiles in that its ballistic characteristics are solely dependant upon its diameter unless it s made of something other than lead

Mar 29 2014 · What size round balls do you shoot in your cap and ball guns Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies What size round balls do you shoot in your cap and ball guns Firelands Peacemakers Ohio Valley Vigilantes Indiana Black Powder Guild Posted March 27 2014 451 or 454 in Pietta 44s 454 in Uberti 44s

Aug 11 2009 · What s the rule for ball size and patch size for a given caliber bore For example with a 54 bore and 530 balls should I use 010 patches making it an even 540 or should I make it tighter Right now I m shooting 535 balls with a 010 patch in my 54 caliber Mississippi Rifle

Nov 13 2014 · Photo by John Hafner Myths and misunderstandings regarding the performance and care of blackpowder rifles and propellants have cost many hunters a buck Don t be one of them If you spend any time in hunting camps sooner or later you will hear amazing stories about the long range performance of modern muzzleloaders The thing is I have been messing with these guns for more

Oct 18 2015 · Welcome to the forum Blackdogwelding An old rule of thumb for black powder starting loads using round balls is 1 grain volume per caliber ie 50 grain starting load for 50 cal This should be a mild load I ended up with a 90 grain load for my 50 cal using round balls Congrats on the new rifle and enjoy

16 gauge shotgun round ball size I just picked up an H R topper 158 in 16 gauge with a modified choke over the weekend I plan on buying the short lane muzzloading adapter for this gun and could like to know what size roundball I should shoot out of it

Jul 25 2009 · The 36 cal revolver uses either a 375 or 380 round ball Personally I would use a thin patch with a 445 round ball for the rifle and a 375 round ball for the navy another suggestion would be to find your local Black Powder shooting club and go visit them for some training

Black Powder For some the rotten egg stench of blackpowder smoke is the sweet smell of muzzleloading A mixture of sulfur charcoal and saltpeter black powder comes in different granule sizes

The Gray Smoke Cap Ball Revolver Wads are made of 100 Recycled Wool Felt and are 1 8 thick They come dry or lubricated Cap Ball Revolver Wads are designed to be placed over the powder column with the ball on top of the wad to seal gases and protect from chain firing in the cylinder and to

Muzzleloader Rifle and Pistol Round Balls Interested in muzzleloading Midsouth carries everything from the muzzleloader rifle or pistol you want to the black powder sabots lead balls and bullets that go in it in stock and for sale from great brand like Lyman CVA Traditions T C Pyrodex Blackhorn 209 and

for 31 caliber percussion revolver for 31 caliber percussion revolver View Cart Checkout Wish BALL 320 X 320 round balls pure lead hand cast per 100 Price 9 99 Order Black Powder by the Case GOEX USA SWISS Switzerland BORE CLEAN Track s best Black Powder BORE CLEAN Solvent with flip top spout Price 3 99 BRUSH 32 10

Jul 29 2012 · The problem is my experience with guns that take a patched round ball is non existant so I need some education The barrel on this gun is stamped Thompson and 45 Caliber I need to know what size round ball this thing is likely to accept most readily along with the patch thickness

Traditions™ 1858 Army Revolver Pistol 44 Cal Product was successfully added to your shopping cart This pistol is designed to shoot an oversized round ball in 454 diameter If your looking for a fun black powder pistol this is defenitly what your looking for It

Black Powder Bullets found in Hornady Lead Round Ball 44 cal 454 100 ct Lyman Black Powder Bullet Mould 58 Caliber Minie Knight Muzzleloading 50 cal EZ Load Orange Sabots 50 pk Thompson Center Maxi Balls 50 cal

Lead Round Balls at Buffalo Arms Co Black Powder Supplies Black Powder Accessories Muzzleloading Supplies Muzzleloading Accessories

Mar 28 2010 · Smokeless powder shooters use 2 alloy or the harder Linotype to cast their bullets Each design makes a bullet to a set weight In Muzzleloading we use the time and true round ball made from pure soft lead Below is a reference chart for the weight of a given ball diameter

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Oct 20 2010 · I thought I d pick some brains out there on which ball mold would be best for a 54 caliber To date the only blackpowder arms I have are a T C Hawken in 50 with a 1 in 48 twist that I primarily use maxiballs with and an inline Knight MK85 in 54 with a 1 in 20 twist that is only for maxies Like most of you know the 1 in 48 is a compromise to allow some maxiballs and some balls

May 28 2013 · Ball size for Old Army This is a discussion on Ball size for Old Army within the Black Powder forums part of the Firearm Forum category Ok guys what size ball do you use in an old Army I know what the book says but are there other options

BLACK POWDER QUOT LARGE QUOT Size Round Ball Pouch 29 00 I have some requests for a larger size round ball pouch other than the two I have listed So here it is I designed and made this TEAR DROP style pouch for larger size round balls This pouch is a HARD leather pouch that will hold ANY size caliber up to and including 75 CAL